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Workout Wednesday– Plank Series Part 1

Workout Wednesday
Plank Series Part 1

Workout Wednesday

Today for workout Wednesday I want to share a plank series. Planks are awesome!! Not only do they work abs, but they work shoulders, arms,  back, gluts, quads and shins.  You get a full body workout!

For this series there are 5 different ways to plank.

1. Regular plank- try and hold for 30 seconds. If you have a strong core try 1 minute or longer.
Here is the how to modify a plank

Modified Plank  Picture from fitbie.com
Modified Plank
Picture from fitbie.com

2. Plank w/ hip twist- try 20-25 reps

3. Plank w/ alternating leg left- try 20-25 reps

4. Side plank lifts- try 15 on each side
* at the very end of this video you see the start of the modified version of placing your arm for support)

5. Spider-Man Plank- try 20 reps

Click HERE to see the video in action


Happy Planking


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