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Workout Wednesday– Inner Thigh Lifts

Workout Wednesday
Inner Thigh Lifts

Workout Wednesday

One area women tend to like to work on is the inner thighs. I like to work my lower body because that is where I gain or start getting “not so toned” first.  For most women, that is naturally the case.  The inner thighs or the adductors are not  muscles that get worked in normal daily activity. We work our quads when we walk and our gluts when we walk up stairs, but the adductors need special attention to get challenged. These inner thigh lifts are great to challenge the adductors. They can be done in your home and without any equipment. Perfect for busy moms! Give these Inner Thigh Lifts a try.  You will feel the burn 😉

2 exercises

No equipment or just a mat

1. Full Lift up- try 15- 20 reps

2. 3 pulses up- try 15- 20 reps

Repeat 3-4 rounds

Click HERE to see the video in action


Happy Inner Thigh Burning


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