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Quick Full Body Burn **Video Inside

~~~Workout Wednesday~~~


It is the first Workout Wednesday of the new year! How was your holiday? We had low key Christmas and New Years this year.  It was really nice.  My husband ended up getting a heart procedure 3 days before Christmas! Talk about stress! Thanks to all the many family and friends for love, support and prayers!! He was able to rest and recover over the Christmas break now he is fully recovered and doing awesome! Hallelujah!!

One way I like to take advantage of stress is by working out! I love taking that energy and emotion from stress (or other powerful emotions) and use it in a good intense workout! Then once I am done with my workout I feel like I can conquer the day and life so much better! Do you feel that way too after you finish a workout?  That part gets addicting!

Even though the stress from the holidays is past us, life can still be loaded with stress! I wanted to share this Quick Full Body Burn that you can do anywhere (even with kids running around as you can see in the video)

Happy Workout Wednesday!

Enjoy the Burn





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Egg Muffins





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