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Beginner Ab Workout– 5 Moves

Looking for a beginner ab workout?? This is the perfect beginner ab workout. Don’t let the “beginner” part fool you. This ab workout will burn your core and work those abs. No equipment needed for this workout. Just follow along with me as I guides you through the beginner ab workout. Video Link >>>> Beginner… Continue reading Beginner Ab Workout– 5 Moves

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Quick Shoulder, Arm and Core Burnout

Have I got a killer move for you today! All you need is a stabilizer ball and some space. This is a perfect move to incorporate into any workout.  Modifications are shown in the video. Check out the video to see how it’s done…  (You need to see the end of this video.. I had… Continue reading Quick Shoulder, Arm and Core Burnout

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Total Ab Burnout!! **Videos Inside

As you probably know by now, I love working my abs! I try to work my abs in some way, everyday.  So for today’s WORKOUT WEDNESDAY I want to give a workout to totally burn out those abs! A lot of these exercises are ones I do with kids playing in the room or trying… Continue reading Total Ab Burnout!! **Videos Inside

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Day 24 of the 30 Day Ab Challenge 

Day 24!! 6 Days more!! The holidays are getting closer.  Did you come up with a “health and fitness plan” yet?  I am still working on that myself.  I think step one is to throw out all the Halloween candy (do you still have candy at your house??) What are you going to do at… Continue reading Day 24 of the 30 Day Ab Challenge 

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Day 14 of the 30 Day Ab Challenge

2 week in! We are on day 14! We hit another week mark so reps all stay the same, no new exercise added today, just the plank hold time increases.  If you are not being challenged enough with this challenge then you are one tough cookie 😉 I feel the burn everyday! Oh man, do… Continue reading Day 14 of the 30 Day Ab Challenge

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Day 12 of the 30 Day Ab Challenge 

Happy Halloween!! 🎃🕸🌙🍬🍫🍭 Today is Day 12!! Today is such a fun day! Especially with young kids. Our family is dressing up as super heroes. We have Captain America, a Ninja Turtle (if you call a ninja turtle a super hero??), a baby Wonder Woman, my husband is Batman and I am Robin. Dressing up… Continue reading Day 12 of the 30 Day Ab Challenge