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Spinach Hummus Turkey Wrap– Under 500 Calories

Along with sharing postings on health/ Fitness Information and workouts.  I wanted to share yummy healthy options for meals.  This Spinach Hummus Turkey Wrap is a great healthy option.  It is a high protein, high fiber (which will  fill you up with eating less) and under 500 calories.  You are eating something from every food group, but fruit (eat some strawberries and you are set).  This wrap comes together in minutes and is super easy kids can help put it together.

Simple ingredients. The tortilla I used has 12g of fiber and 8g of protein. I think it tastes yummy.

First spread the hummus over 2/3rd of the tortilla.

Add the turkey slices.  Covering the same area as the hummus.

Add the cheese (any kind you prefer, I had cheddar on hand)and a small drizzle of honey mustard.  If you don’t like honey mustard, try regular mustard or keep it off all together.
Top with your spinach and wrap it up.  Serve with a side of fruit and you have a complete meal.
Total calories for this meal is about 445

I like this quick meal when I am in a hurry to eat something healthy for lunch, while keeping up with my busy boys, before I hurry and eat something that is not so great for me 🙂  I’m sure all you Moms understand!

Spinach Hummus Turkey Wrap

1 tortilla
1 oz of Classic hummus
small handful of baby spinach
1 slice of cheese
3 slices of turkey
1/2 TBS honey mustard

Spread hummus on tortilla, Top with turkey, then cheese and honey mustard and top with spinach. Roll it up and cut in half. serve with a side of fruit.  Enjoy.

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