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50 Reasons to Exercise

My name is Amanda.  I have loved being a fitness trainer, Zumba instructor, and boot-camp coach.  I love helping people find a love for incorporating a healthy lifestyle into their own.  I earned my B.S from WSU in Human Performance Management with an emphasis in Wellness and a Minor in Nutrition. I decided it was time to start up this blog to help share motivation, thoughts, tips in to helping you to be the fit healthy happy you!! 

 As a Fitness and Health Blog I thought it would be a great idea to start out with why.  Why exercise?  Exercise and being active is loved by many people, but there are some who may not enjoy it as much.  I hope this list will encourage those that are already exercising and help those that are not to find at least one reason to include exercising in everyday life. In this list: 


1. Gives you more energy 
2. Increases self confidence 
3. improves your digestion
4. Enhances your your immune system 
5. Helps you sleep better 

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6. Improves your body Shape
7. Burns up extra Calories
8. lifts your spirits
9. Increases Lean Muscle tissue in your body
10. Improves circulation and helps reduce Blood Pressure
        11. builds strength
        12. Helps alleviate varicose veins
        13. Improves coordination and balance 
        14. improves your appetite for healthy             foods

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            15. Deceases Fat tissues more easily 
         16. Improves emotional stability 
         17. alleviates depression
         18. Decreases Cholesterol 
         19. Deters Heart Disease 
20. Enhances oxygen transport throughout the       body
21. Improves liver functioning
22. Improves efficiency in breathing
23. alleviates constipation
24. improves athletic performance 
25. enables you to better enjoy all types of       physical activities

 26. Makes clothes you wear look better on you
 27. Makes it easier to exercise consistently
 28. Improves your whole quality of life
 29. May add a few years to your life 
 30. is the greatest tune-up for your body
 31. brings color to your cheeks 
 32. reduces or precludes boredom 

33. gets your mind off irritations
34. stimulates a feeling of well-being and accomplished
35. stimulates and improves concentration
36. reduces joint discomfort
37. Helps you move past post self-imposed limitations
38. Is a wonderful way to enjoy nature and the great outdoors
39. enables you to relax more quickly and completely 

40. Reduces tension
41. Adds a sparkle and radiance to your           complexion
42. Provides more muscular definition 
43. improves endurance
44. Improves body’s ability to remove lactic acid

             45. increases lung capacity
             46. alleviates menstrual cramps
             47. increases the number of open                  capillaries
             48. Improves contractile function                  of the whole heart
             49. enables you to lose weight                    and keep it off
             50. Gives you a greater desire to              participate in life 🙂 

Hope this list helps you find a reason to stay active 🙂  

What are reasons you exercise?? 

Happy reading 

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15 thoughts on “50 Reasons to Exercise

  1. Hi
    I am thinking about taking prohormones, do you think this is good idea for advanced bodybuilder
    like me? People are satisfied with the results after prohormones cycles, just google for – prohormones factory – worth a try?


    1. Bethany, after doing a small amount of research and looking at a lot of controversy on the topic, it sounds like there are certain strands to avoid that can be just as dangerous as anabolic steroids. I would do more research into those. Me personally, I feel there are other options to help to increase size. Do research until you more fully understand what you are taking is my advice 🙂 Good luck


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