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Fruit and Veggie Finger Foods for Toddlers

Fruit and Veggie Finger Foods for Toddlers

Like Most Moms, I try to do what’s best for my kids, especially when it comes to their diets.  Next month my boys will be 3 years old and 1 year old.  They are both pretty good eaters, even when it comes to eating healthy food options.  When my 3 year old was learning to pick up food and chew and was in the stage of putting everything in his mouth, that was when I decided to really try and offer a good variety of more whole foods.  I think that might have helped him now to be a good eater.  We had some steamed broccoli with our dinner last night and he kept wanting more and more.  My husband and I could not believe it.  I think I have done a little better job with our 2nd and trying to offer a bigger variety.  I wanted to share my plan of action that I have done for my 1 year old and maybe give you some ideas on what fruits and veggies finger foods you can offer your 1 year old.  

I would also like to point out that when I have my toddler in his high chair eating, especially new foods, I am in the same room keeping a good eye on him for choking reasons.  Especially while he is still practicing.  All the tougher vegetables I offer I steam so they are easy for him to eat. (he doesn’t have his 1 year old molars yet).  

I will start out with my list for fruit that I offer.  Fruit can be expensive so a lot of the time I by what sales are going on and fruit that is in season. Here is my list, but you definitely are not limited to this list. 
1. Banana- sliced then quartered
2. Strawberries- small diced 
3. watermelon- small diced
4. apricots- quartered then diced
5. peaches- small diced
6. cantaloupe- small diced
7. grapes-  quartered then diced
8. honey dew- small diced
9. mango- small diced
10. kiwi- quartered then diced
11. golden melon- (pictured)small 
12. fruit leather- this may seem weird, but my boys as small toddlers have love to suck on fruit leather. I just keep a good eye on them.
Now I will give you my veggie list.  Again you are not limited to my list.  Explore the different fruits and veggies you can offer your child. I steam most of the veggies I offer my 1 year old. Since I am taking the time to do that I steam a lot more that what I would feed him in a sitting and I keep it in the fridge for easy meals later on.  It has worked out great for me.  
1. steamed broccoli- really small pieces 
2. steamed butternut squash- Steamed then small diced (pictured)
3. steamed carrots- sliced then diced
4. celery- 3-4 inch raw stick (I just let him chew on it) 
5. Corn on the cob- Cooked cob (boiled is how I cook it then just let him chew on it)
6. potatoes- cooked until soft and tender then small diced
7. sweet potatoes- Same as potato
8. cauliflower- steamed then really small pieces 
9. peas- cooked then halved- until they get 1 year old molars then I give peas whole
10. zucchini- Steamed sliced then quartered
11. yellow squash- steamed, sliced then quartered.    
  My little guy still in jammies and has bed hair enjoying breakfast.  He loves eating. The combo he is eating here is strawberries, butternut squash and golden melon.  He ate (besides what he dropped on the floor) it all and loved it.  
I hope this has helped you out with healthy fruit and veggie options to give to your self feeding toddler.  My 3 year usually eats similar foods I prepare for my 1 year old, but I don’t dice them so small.  Sometimes he doesn’t want me to cut certain foods up and that’s how he will eat them.  As your self feeding toddler starts chewing better and get more teeth in (molars) then you can start making the pieces a little bigger, but remember to keep a close eye on them for foods can be a choking hazard. 
What other healthy foods do you give your self feeding toddler or tips you have to help them be a good eater?  
Happy Healthy Eating.  
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