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Sugar Coated Frozen Grapes

Sugar Coated Frozen Grapes  

I love this time of year! Summer!! I love it all from the hot sun, swimming, driving with windows down, BBQs, camping, and fun summer food!  We go through Otter Pops so fast at my house. I love the big Otter Pops that are 100% juice. I get mine from Costco. My husband and two boys could eat them all day long. Who doesn’t like to eat cold frozen things on a hot summer day? That is where these Sugar Coated Frozen Grapes come in. Have you ever tried Frozen grapes? If you haven’t, then you are missing out!! Big time!!  These are SO good and kid approved! My 3 and a half-year old and 1 and a half-year old LOVE them!! I love munching on these and you don’t need to feel guilty over eating fruit!! These are super easy to make too!! Give these a try!

Sugar Coated Frozen Grapes

Bag of Grapes (I like red Grapes)



First you pick all of the grapes off the vines.  Wash them in a strainer. Line a big cookie sheet with wax paper ( I am sure foil would work too). Pour the wet grapes out on the cookie sheet and sprinkle sugar all over then with your hand, roll the grapes around to make sure they are coated.  I repeated this process twice.  You can be the judge of how much sugar you want to use 🙂 Place the grape filled cookie sheet in the freezer and freeze until solid. I froze mine over night. then loosen the grapes and place in a plastic freezer gallon bag and store in the freezer.

*I fill a small bowl and munch from that.  The grapes don’t take too long to thaw out.

Do you have any easy yummy summer treats you make at your house?

Hope you are having a fun summer!!


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