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Healthy– One Ingredient Pop Cycle– Kids Love

School is out and swim season is here!!  It has been hot here in Utah which means we are eating POP CYCLES!! We go through a ton of pop cycles in the summer time.  We love otter pops.  I found a 100% juice otter pop that my family raved over this summer.  That has turned into our favorite store bought pop cycle.  I started to make these ONE ingredient pop cycles because my 3 year old wants to eat pop cycles ALL the time.  So I thought if I froze a more healthy food in the shape of the pop cycle maybe he’ll love it just the same.  So I put yogurt.. that’s it.. yogurt in a pop cycle mold and he loves it.  After breakfast he wants a pop cycle and I don’t feel bad letting him.  Its perfect when you have sick kids (diarrhea) and they are becoming dehydrated and losing good bacteria from going potty so much, with these yogurt pop cycles you can help them return good bacteria into their system and they will be happy with a yummy pop cycle 🙂

Image-1 (18)

These are the easiest Pop cycles you can throw together.  The hardest part is deciding what flavor you want and what type of yogurt you want.  I have made these with regular yogurt (like Yoplait) that comes in a 32oz container.  I have also tried Greek yogurt (I like Chobani) and my lil guy loves that just the same, which is great because I know he is getting more protein.  I also have put some fruit in with it and that is yummy.  In vanilla yogurt I put raspberries in, which I loved.  Bonus for added nutrients. There could be a lot of combinations to try.

photo (12)

I spoon yogurt into a zip bag then snip the corner off.

photo (11)

Then I squeeze the yogurt into the pop cycle mold.

photo (14)

Then pop them in the freezer.  I usually refill mine up after I put kids to bed so I have a full load of pop cycles the next day. These could be a fun special breakfast food or snack during the cooler months as well.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Enjoy your summer!


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