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Quick Thigh Burn

In a hurry to get your workout in for the day?? Then this Quick Thigh Burn is just what you need! Take 5 minutes to really burn those thighs, that is it! 5 MINUTES!! You will get worked, burn and probably be sore ( I was!!)  You don’t need any equipment so just click the video link below and follow along with me to get those sexy sculpted thighs!!

See you over there!

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4 week summer bod challenge


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Edible 3 Ingredient Playdough 

So fun for kids to help make


High Protein and Low Carb

Try the new twist in a taco— Baked Bell Pepper Tacos


Quick Inner Thigh Burn


Feel Good Stretching

Feel Good Stretching Thumbnail



9 thoughts on “Quick Thigh Burn

    1. Awesome! I’m glad you liked it. Check out the Quick Booty Burn or the Low Impact Lower Body Workout or the Booty Lifting Thigh Sculpting Workout.. those videos on my YouTube channel work that butt area 👍🏼 good luck 💜

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  1. Awesome vedio Amanda…Loved it..will surely do it..I have heavy thighs and I am struggling from long time to reduce them..Can you please help me with some butt exercises to reduce them..


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