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Edible 3 Ingredient Playdough– An Easy Way to Entertain Kids while you take a “Mommy-Moment”

To be “healthy” doesn’t just mean to be in shape or fit and always eating healthy foods. Of course that is a good chunk of  being healthy, but I want to talk about being healthy mentally.

Currently, I am a Stay-at-home-mom of 3 kids ages 5, 3 and now 8 month old. I love my kids SO incredibly much, but there are days I feel like I’m going crazy and turn into “Monster Mom” as my 3 year old says 😂.   Maybe I am not as patient as I know I should be or I don’t feel like listening about all the different Pokémon creatures or whatever they are or maybe I feel like putting myself on “timeout” and lock myself in my room for a breather. It is TOUGH to be a mom!!  Then of course, when I feel I am not “mommy-ing” as good as I now I should or can be I feel guilty. Right?? Have you been there too?

I WANT to give my attention and love to my kids! I don’t like feeling like I am being “monster mom”, so I need to make sure I am giving myself a breather or a “mommy moment” so I can be the best mom I can be. 

So I am one of those moms on Pinterest always looking and trying to find fun things to play with my kids or something exciting that will grab there attention for awhile so I can do something that will make me feel better.. like take a shower I needed to yesterday, sneak in a good workout or attack the mountain piled up in my kitchen sink and tidy the house or maybe I am so on top of things I can sit and put my feet up and read a book! (Wow wouldn’t that be nice)

Anyways, I found this recipe in the back of a Curious George Book I read to my kids. My boys LOVE Curious George (In all these Curious George books there are fun ideas for kids to do that go with the book, we love it).

This recipe is super simple!

Measure out 1/2 cup Peanut Butter

Then add 1/2 cup honey.  Then mix them together as my little helper is showing.


Then add powdered milk. The book doesn’t say how much. It just says to get to the consistency you want. I think it was close to 2 cups that I ended up using.

Then get out some cookie cutters or a rolling pin or just play with it.

My 5 and 3 year old sat at the table playing for over a hour. We have a cookie cutter that says “I 💜 U” and they kept making them for me telling me they love me! Melts my heart when those sweet moments happen!! I think being able to nibble on the playdough helps them to sit as long as they did. I tried a little piece. It actually tastes pretty good.

Edible 3 Ingredient Playdough

1/2 cup Peanut Butter

1/2 cup Honey

Powder Milk (I ended up using around 2 cups)

Mix the peanut butter and honey together until smooth. Then add powder milk to get to your desired consistency.

Play with cookie cutters or a rolling pin or whatever. Let the kids go at it and you do something for you 😉

Try not to eat it all

Go enjoy your “Mommy moment”

‘Til next time,


* when I was putting it away there was some oil from the Peanut Butter on the table that is easy to clean up (won’t hurt the table.. is actually good for the wood) and it started to get a little sticky toward the end of them playing with it, but that didn’t happens for over an hour of play.

** also store in an air tight bag or container so it can be played with again. It firms up after sitting for a little while so it’s ready be played with again.


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