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Bodyweight Cardio Workout– HIIT Workout

Finally!! Another intense HIIT cardio workout!! I know this has been quite the request so I am happy to say it is here!! This is a 24 minute pretty intense workout! If your goal is to lose some weight and tone up, this is what you should be doing for a workout! If you are… Continue reading Bodyweight Cardio Workout– HIIT Workout

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Lift Your Booty Workout — 5 Moves to Lift Your Booty

5 MOVES!! That’s it! You have got to check out these 5 MOVES to give your booty a lift! No equipment needed for this workout. All you need to do is click that video link below and follow along with me as you give your glutes a good burn! Let me tell you, I WAS… Continue reading Lift Your Booty Workout — 5 Moves to Lift Your Booty

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Rag Workout Part 1 

Want to learn a move that not only strengthens your total core, but your  tush, arms, shoulders, back and a double bonus you get cardio in at the same time?? 👊🏼 If you joined us for the last 30 Day Ab Challenge then you have seen this before. This is some of my “Rag Workout”.… Continue reading Rag Workout Part 1 

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Workout Wednesday 

It’s Wednesday again! Man, weeks are just flying by!  I still can’t believe it’s October!! Being a busy mom of 3 kids, my workouts have to be quick and efficient. I need moves that challenge me and burn my muscles fast. This is one of those moves. Check this out! It’s a squat with arms… Continue reading Workout Wednesday