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Workout Wednesday 

It’s Wednesday again! Man, weeks are just flying by!  I still can’t believe it’s October!!

Being a busy mom of 3 kids, my workouts have to be quick and efficient. I need moves that challenge me and burn my muscles fast. This is one of those moves. Check this out! It’s a squat with arms extended over head with or without light weights.  I am using 2 pound dumbbells in the video.  Please remember to keep a tight core when performing a move with your arms extended, especially with weights. (To protect your back and give your core a workout too 👍🏼)

Performing a squat with your arms up straight by your ears will not only work your legs and bum, but it will work your back and shoulders as well. The more muscles get involved in a move the better! 😉 Check out the video to see it performed.

Give it a try. Happy workout Wednesday! Get in awesome workout today!

Till next time,



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