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Day 11 of the 30 Day Ab Challenge 

We are on day 11!  Keep up the good work!! Sundays are usually a relaxing day at our house and I day I take off from intense exercising.  Usually we go on a casual walk with our family.  But for this challenge, we (my husband and I) still complete our ab challenge workout for the day.  I hope you do too.  To go along with this challenge, I challenge you to go on a walk.  Either with family,  or clear your head by your self (sometimes that is just needed.. to have some time alone),  walk your dog,  walk with friends, visit family and get them to walk with you🙂  Either way, just get outdoors and get some steps in!  And don’t forget to complete day 11 of the ab challenge.  Please come back and comment and share where you went on your Sunday walks.  You help motivate me and others when you come back and comment no matter when you are completing the challenge.🙂



Day 11

33- Crunches

34- Bicycle Crunches

33- Reverse Crunches

34- Seated Russian Twists

34- Swimmers

40 Second Plank

11- Right Side Plank Pulses

25 Second Right Side Plank Hold

11- Left Side Plank Pulses

25 Second Left Side Plank Hold

22- Single Leg Stretch

16- Rag Mountain Climbers

14- Wide Rag Mountain Climbers

10- Leg Drop

8- Alternating Leg Lift

Good luck with the challenge!

See you tomorrow!



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