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Day 8 of the 30 Day Ab Challenge

We are cruising along! Here we go day 8!   How are your abs feeling?  Have you seen any improvements yet?  Is the challenge getting tougher?  The reps are starting to get high up there aren’t they?  You are doing so good!

I have really loved your comments on facebook, email, text and here on the blog! You guys are doing great!!  This is awesome! I am so glad so many of you are taking on this challenge. I know staying committed to this challenge will help you get into a habit of doing some kind of exercise everyday.  When the challenge comes to an end find something active that you enjoy doing.  Stay active!

There are so many benefits from exercising! Check out this list of 50 reasons to exercise to see some.  Everyone can find at least one reason! I have many! Keep up the awesome work while you work to complete the rest of this 30 Day Ab Challenge!!

Along with today’s challenge, I challenge you to add another type of exercise.  It could be another walk, an exercise class, playing basketball or another sport,  extreme house cleaning, playing at the batting cages, running around with your kids,  going for a run, going to the gym, jumping on a tramp, yard work– anything that gets you moving and your heart rate up.  Be sure to come back and comment when you finish day 8 of the challenge and what other kind of exercise you did today🙂 Motivate others by sharing your accomplishments🙂



Day 8

27- Crunches

28- Bicycle Crunches

27- Reverse Crunches

28- Seated Russian Twists

28- Swimmers

40 Second Plank

8- Right Side Plank Pulses

25 Second Right Side Plank Hold

8-Left Side Plank Pulses

25 Second Left Side Plank Hold

16- Single Leg Stretch

10- Rag Mountain Climbers

8- Wide Rag Mountain Climbers

Nice job today!! Let us know you did it!

See you tomorrow



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