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Total Ab Burnout!! **Videos Inside

As you probably know by now, I love working my abs! I try to work my abs in some way, everyday.  So for today’s WORKOUT WEDNESDAY I want to give a workout to totally burn out those abs! A lot of these exercises are ones I do with kids playing in the room or trying them with me.  They can be done ANYWHERE– in the privacy of your own home, at the gym, at a park, in a hotel room on vacation or work travels, in your office or next to your bed when you first get up or right before you hop in bed for the night (I have been doing the latter more often lately)


Give your abs some love and give this TOTAL AB BURNOUT a go.  And as always– FEEL THE BURN



Ab Exercises

Reverse Crunch x20

Bicycle Crunch x20

Seated Russian Twist x20

Leg Drop x 20

Alternating Leg Lift x20

Plank 30 Seconds

Superman Lift x20

How Often:

REPEAT 2-3 times

Videos for every exercise are below if you need to see it done! You got this!


Happy Workout Wednesday!

Feel the Burn!


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