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Killer Resistance Band Exercises For Your Glutes

I’ve recently been incorporating the circle resistance band into my workouts. The great thing is that it’s small and easy to take on the go to the gym or use for an at home work out. The resistance band is a moms best friend when it comes to looking for a quick work out in half the time with just as great results. With the help of the extra resistance on the same exercises that you probably already have incorporated into your workouts, it will add an extra burn that will tone your behind and give you great results!

The best part about having a  circle resistance band is they are cost effective and can be adapted for a full body workout. It can be alternated with free weights and exercise machines to give you body a good variety workouts. Today, I will focus on glutes. Stay tuned for more workouts using this awesome band for other muscle groups.

I bought my band from Target since I practically live there half the week anyways. It made it convenient!


‘Till next time!


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