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3 Tips on Finding Motivation Work Out

image-1It’s not rocket science. Many moms struggle to find the motivation to establish a regular work out routine. It’s easy to be distracted or tell ourselves there’s just not enough time in the day to exercise.

Some women who work out do so because they see it as necessary, but don’t enjoy it. It almost feels like a chore rather than a passion. Some women who work out do so because they simply LOVE to. It doesn’t matter what category you feel you fall under because I have 3 tips that can help motivate all moms to  establish a happy work out routine.



Any time that I have lacked SERIOUS motivation to exercise. The first thing I do is research a local 5K/10K/Half Marathon that I can commit too. Even if you aren’t a “runner”, a 5K (3.1 Miles) isn’t going to break you. It’s psycologicially proven that when we sign up for a race, we are more motivated to follow through with what it takes to lead up to that end goal.  6 months after having each of my babies, I signed up for a Half Marathon and it always helped me to get in a good work out groove. There is nothing more rewarding than finishing something you started!



If you feel like working out is a huge undertaking and you can’t seem to self motivate then bring a your girlfriend along! Us women need social interaction with our peers and especially us moms that are at home with young children. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and let a friend go on this journey with you no matter what point you are starting from. Talk while you work out, laugh while you work out, encourage each other and challenge each other. I like to work out with a buddy or solo. There’s benefits to both!



Do you like to kickbox? Do you like attending classes like HIIT or High Fitness? Do you like to lift? Do you like cardio machines or cycling? Do you like recreational sports? Do you like Yoga? How will you ever know until you try it out? I never thought I would like lifting.  I was worried I wouldn’t feminine enough and that it wasn’t for me and then my husband finally talked me into trying it out. Now, I incorporate lifting into my work out routines on a regular basis because I love it!


The most important key to working out is that you are doing it for YOU!


‘Till next time!


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