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30 Day Ab Challenge– Day 27

30 Day Ab Challenge– Day 27

3 days left! We are so close! You can’t give up now.  Keep it up! Finish these last 3 days!! How are your abs feeling?  We are keeping the list of exercises as is for the remainder of the challenge, but the reps will continue to increase.  You are doing so good.  I hope the increasing repetitions and the exercises added has challenged your core.  If it didn’t, then you have a really tough core 🙂 Did you look for a race to participate in yesterday?  Did you find one?  Keep looking if you didn’t and recruit some friends to join you. To go along with today’s challenge, I challenge you to take some time today and stretch.  A great time to stretch is right after you finish a workout, when your muscles are still warm.  Hold each stretch for about 30 seconds.  While holding a stretch, at each 10 second increment take a deep breath and reach a little farther.  This is a good technique to increase your flexibility.  Besides stretching after a workout, I really like to stretch before I go to bed.  I feel that the stretching helps relax my muscles and its a good way to unwind after a days work.  Good Luck with Day 27!!

30 Day Ab Challenge

30 Day Ab Challenge– Day 27

40 Crunches

40 Bicycle Crunches

40 Flutter Kicks

33 Butterfly Sit-ups

60 Second Plank

33 Second Right Side Plank

20 Right Side Plank Pulses

33 Second Left Side Plank

20 Left Side Plank Pulses

40 Heel Touches

40 Swimmers

23 Star Crunches

19 Superman Lifts

19 Reverse  Crunches

18 Second V Hold

15 Seated In- Outs

26 Spiderman Planks

16 Windshield WIpers

16 Standing Oblique Crunches

10 Single Leg Stretches

Good Luck!

What are your favorite stretches to do?

When do you like to stretch? After a workout? or before bed? In the morning? 

Happy Ab Burning


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