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30 Day Ab Challenge– Day 26

30 Day Ab Challenge– Day 26

Only 4 days left! We are getting so close to the end! You are doing so great! You can finish the last 4 days!! Well, if you were wondering the 5k went well yesterday 🙂  I took 3rd for my age group and my mom took 5th in hers.  Good job Mom! 🙂 Running in a race is a good motivation to get active.  You pay money to participate in it, so you want to prepare, which helps you want to be more active.  I’ve been thinking today about looking for another 5k race to sign up for to help me continue to run.  I really enjoy exercising, but running is not the top of my list, unless it is on an elliptical (I have bad knees). I would much rather lift weights or take a Pilates class or do some at home workouts, but running sure works the body pretty well.  With that said, I challenge you to look for a race or physical event to sign up for, then get ready and trained to participate.  If you don’t want to spend the money on it, then create your own by your self or with family and friends. Last year my family decided to start their own 5k on or around Thanksgiving.  We (my Mom) came up with a trophy for the winner.  That Thanksgiving Family 5k is coming up.  That is one I need to get prepared for so I  can beat my husband, brothers, and Dad.  I’m okay if my Mom beats me 🙂 I want to look in my area for another 5k to participate in as well.  When you find one and sign up come back and tell us 🙂  Not sure how to start to train for a race?  I’ll post a training program here on Fit Mommy that will get you going, stay tuned (follow the blog by email or wordpress user so you don’t miss it).  Good luck today with Day 26 and enjoy your day!

30 Day Ab Challenge

Image-1 (59)

30 Day Ab Challenge– Day 26

40 Crunches

40 Bicycle Crunches

40 Flutter Kicks

32 Butterfly Sit-ups

60 Second Plank

32 Second Right Side Plank

19 Right Side Plank Pulses

32 Second Left Side Plank

19 Left Side Plank Pulses

40 Heel Touches

22 Star Crunches

18 Superman Lifts

18 Reverse Crunches

17 Seconds Seated V Hold

14 Seated In- Outs

24 Spiderman Planks

14 Windshield Wipers

14 Standing Oblique Crunches

8 Single Leg Stretch

Good Luck!

Have you ran in a race before? a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon? 

What is a healthy or active family tradition you have? A walk after Thanksgiving dinner or play football at the park on Monday evenings? 

Happy Ab Burning


Slow Cooker Fried Rice-- Yummy Healthy Version

Slow Cooker Fried Rice


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