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30 Day Ab Challenge– Day 18

30 Day Ab Challenge– Day 18

Day 18 here we go! You are doing awesome! 12 more days! Keep it up! Did you challenge a friend to take on the 30 Day Ab Challenge yesterday?  If you didn’t yesterday, go for it today! Share it on facebook, send the link in an email, text it to a friend.  Help encourage others to get moving by showing what you are doing.  🙂  I hope you are enjoying the ab challenge so far.  I have really loved the response so far.  Your comments, here on the blog and on facebook, your “likes”, your texts, emails have really encouraged me.  Thank you! 🙂  You guys are awesome!  Keep it up! Good luck with Day 18 of the challenge.

30 Day Ab Challenge

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30 Day Ab Challenge– Day 18

40 Crunches

40 Bicycle Crunches

40 Flutter Kicks

25 Butterfly Sit-ups

50 Second Plank

25 Second Right Side Plank

12 Right Side Plank Pulses

25 Second Left Side Plank Pulses

12 Left Side Plank Pulses

40 Heel Touches

40 Swimmers

15 Star Crunches

11 Superman Lifts

11 Toe Reaches

11 Reverse Crunches

10 Second V Hold

7 Seated In- Outs

10 Spiderman Planks (5 Each Side)

Good Luck!

Did you complete the challenge today? Tell someone about what you accomplished! Comment here and let us know you did it 🙂

Happy Ab Burning


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