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How to Get Those Sexy Sculpted Shoulders (video included)

Hi friends! If you are looking to incorporate a good shoulder work out at home or at the gym, LOOK NO FURTHER! 

I love, love, LOVE this shoulder workout. Not only does it sculpt my shoulders, but it works out the lower body also! Here is a video diary of me with leftover makeup, dry shampoo and 5 hours of sleep due to 3 crazy kids, it’s about to get real!!

Since all of you amazing moms are on different fitness levels, I recommend that you choose the weights that you feel most comfortable with. These shoulder exercises can be effective with 5lbs weights, 2.5 lbs weights or NO weights if you are just starting on your journey to be fit again!

-Shoulders Part 1-



-Shoulders Part 2-

Did you know shoulder exercises are best to do standing up vs. sitting?  Standing while lifting free weights encourages greater caloric burn than lifting while sitting. Make sure to stabilize your core while performing these shoulder exercises standing up to prevent any injury.

I hope these videos are a fantastic starting point in helping sculpt those sexy shoulders of yours!

Feel the burn!


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