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Day 6 of the 30 Day Ab Challenge

Ready for Day 6?  I am.  Each day I feel the burn.  I hope you are too.  We will have really strengthened our cores by the  time this challenge is complete.  I hope you keep up the awesome habit that you are forming and don’t just “stop”.  Maybe we will have another type of challenge here🙂  I really like the extra motivation.  Motivation.  Along with the challenge today I challenge you to think about what motivates you to exercise.  Is it to fit in the clothes you have? Is it to reduce your risk of heart disease?  Is it to have more energy?  Is it to be stronger?  Is it to put you in a good mood? Is it to keep up with your kids? Is it longevity? Is it for a race you signed up for?  Is it that you know you should, but it’s hard to so you are so grateful for this 30 Day Ab Challenge.  Of course it’s that one🙂  (Just playing). What ever motivates you, keep that motivation and remember why you started to exercise.  Everyone has a reason or motivation to get moving.   Share your motivation– maybe you will motivate and inspire another!



Day 6

25- Crunches

26- Bicycle Crunches

25-Reverse Crunches

26- Seated Russian Twists

26- Swimmers

30 Second Plank

7- Right Side Plank Pulses

15 Second Right Side Plank Hold

7- Left Side Plank Hold

15 Second Left Side Plank Hold

14- Single Leg Stretch

8- Rag Mountain Climbers

Be sure to comment when you finish today’s challenge and share what motivates you to exercise.

Nice work!!

See you tomorrow









14 thoughts on “Day 6 of the 30 Day Ab Challenge

      1. I’m glad you are starting 👍🏼 and you don’t have to do it all in one sitting either.. do what you can then take a break then do more later.. I would love to follow your fitness journey. I hope my site can help you along the way😊


  1. Done😊 I feel I haven’t really ever been too motivated to work out (consistently). If I did, I would try to do too much at once, would burn out fast and then would beat myself up about it–which didn’t help my motivation. I recently decided to set small, yet attainable goals which I have been achieving even better than I thought I could. In turn its given me a lot more motivation to keep at it and I love how I feel after😉


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