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Day 5 of the 30 Day Ab Challenge

We are on Day 5!   Great Job! When you commit to something, it sure makes it easier to say, “I got to get my abs in today, I can’t mess up my challenge!”  But, if you do end up missing a day, that is okay.  It doesn’t mean you fail.  You just start back up the next day.  Missing a day or not doing so good with eating habits is part of the process, it doesn’t mean you should stop. So keep going! You will feel great when you complete the challenge! Along with today’s challenge,  I challenge you to add 1 fruit and 1 vegetable, in their whole food form, to your diet today.  If you already eat fruits and veggies, add one more.  If you rarely eat fruits and veggies,  just eat one of each.  Dip an apple in peanut butter, or munch on some baby carrots, make a fresh salad, eat a handful of berries.  I like to add fruit to my breakfast and veggies to my lunch. Good luck with Day 5!!



Day 5

23 Crunches

24-Bicycle Crunches

23- Reverse Crunches

24- Seated Russian Twists

24- Swimmers

30- Second Plank

6- Right Side Plank Pulses

15 Second Right Side Plank Hold

6- Left Side Plank Pulses

15 Second Left Side Plank Hold

12- Single Leg Stretch

Now for the reward, share that you finished today and comment below and don’t forget to eat an extra fruit and veggie today.

See you tomorrow



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