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Free 30 Day Ab Challenge– keep reading to see how to join us–

It is time for the 30 Day Ab Challenge– It’s FREE.  Do you have what it takes to stay committed for 30 days?? Of course you do!!

Last time we did a 30 Day Ab Challenge, we had an awesome turn out.  Those that participated were committed! I bet we can get more to join the challenge this time!! This is a fun challenge to get friends and family involved.

Get your husband to do the workouts with you or have a play date and while kids are playing complete the days ab challenge.  It has been shown to be more successful if you have a support group! You will have that here and with the friends and family you can get involved and help each other stay committed๐Ÿ˜‰
The starting date for this 30 Day Ab Challenge is October 20th.  That gives us time to invite friends and share the challenge to get as many of us together to join in.

Who doesn’t want to work on their abs??

This 30 Day Ab Challenge is coming at a perfect time too. It ends November 18th. The week BEFORE Thanksgiving.  Just in time for the holiday.


To join this 30 Day Ab Challenge, in the comments say “I’m in” and make sure you follow “Be A FIT MOMMY” by entering your email to be sure you get the daily challenges. Share with friends and family on Facebook.

I’m excited to start this challenge!!

‘Tim next time,



39 thoughts on “Free 30 Day Ab Challenge– keep reading to see how to join us–

    1. There is also a 4 Week Summer Bod Challenge that you can print a calendar for free and it follows along with workout videos to follow on YouTube. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ


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