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2 Week Turkey Challenge of THIS or THAT– Day 12

2 Week Turkey Challenge of THIS or THAT– Day 12

We only have 2 days left. That’s it! 2 days!! You have done so great.  You can keep going.  What are you going to do once the challenge is over?? How are you going to stay active?  Instead of just saying you are going to stay active, make a plan and schedule it so that it is possible to do.  Make a goal that is reachable and achievable.  This challenge has had some shorter exercises.  Some have been 10 minutes or 20 minutes.  That is not that much time in a day.  Try to get active some way at least 3 times a week.  If that is all you can do at this time, great!! Shoot for that, and schedule it in your phone or however you organize your day and week.  Can you do more?  Shoot for 5 days a week.  I shoot for at least 5 days a week.  I like to do something active everyday.  If it is just a walk one day, great. Just do something to get your heart working more.  Good luck with Day 12!

2 Week Turkey Challenge of THIS or THAT

Choose One..

Being Sunday and also many peoples “rest” days, today will be similar to last Sunday of the challenge, mild exercises.


I love stretching.  My muscles and body feel great after a good stretch session.  Do you love stretching?  If you rarely or never stretch, you are really missing out!  Your muscles and body will love you if you stretch everyday.  Stretching before and after a workout can reduce your chance of injury.  Stretching can also relieve muscle pain and tension, increase range of motion, increase flexibility, improve circulation, improve your posture and just make you feel good!  My back likes to tighten up on me a lot, it is really easy to take some mild pain relievers, but I have found if I take a little bit of time and stretch it out, my back feels so much better.  This video has  some good stretches for your lower back (and is great if you experience sciatic pain) Give this stretching video a try. This video is just under 9 minutes.


Picture from biokineticspt.com
Picture from biokineticspt.com


If you don’t have snow yet or if it isn’t too cold,

Take a walk/ jog outside.   Shoot at least 20 minutes.

or if you have a treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical use that equipment for 20 minutes.

Keep it mild and walk at a low incline and speed


Try walk for 30 seconds then jog/run for 30 seconds for the 20 minutes to become a more intense workout.


Good Luck!

Comment when you complete Day 12 🙂 

Happy Exercising


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