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2 Week Turkey Challenge of THIS or THAT– Day 7

2 Week Turkey Challenge of THIS or THAT

We are 1 week into this challenge! That means we are half way there!! Keep it up! Finish until the end.  Only 1 more week.  That is not long at all! Make yourself proud and stay consistent.  You can do it! Here is what we have for Day 7, check it out.  Be sure to comment when you complete Day 7 about which one you picked and how it went.

2 Week Turkey Challenge of THIS or THAT

Pick One…


If you are a follower of the Fit Mommy blog then you may have seen this workout.

Burn OFF your Halloween Candy Workout

I love circuit workouts like this.  All you need is a timer.  You probably have one on your phone. 🙂

Circuits like this are really effective.  Not only are you conditioning your muscles you are keeping your heart rate up, which means.. more calories burned!! Give this Heart Rate Boosting workout a try.. it is great for anytime of year, not just after you eat your kid’s Halloween candy 🙂


Not feeling such an intense workout?  How about a good ab burn??  We did Day 7 earlier in this challenge,  how about we give Day 17 a try!

30 Day Ab Challenge– Day 17 

If you haven’t done this 30 Day Ab Challenge, this is a great challenge to strengthen your core and get in a good habit of doing something active everyday.  It is also fun to challenge friends and family to do it with you.  🙂

Good Luck with Day 7

Leave a comment below when you finish Day 7

Happy Exercising


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