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2 Week Turkey Challenge of THIS or THAT– Day 5

2 Week Turkey Challenge of THIS or THAT– Day 5

We are 5 days into the challenge now! Keep it up!  I have come to find that Sundays are a lot of peoples rest days, so I wanted to have low intense options for the challenge today. Good Luck!  Remember to Comment when you complete Day 5 for fun and support. 🙂

2 Week Turkey Challenge of THIS or THAT

Pick One..


If you live in a area where it is cold or even snowy like I do, then you may want to grab a coat and a beanie for this one.

Take a walk or jog around the neighborhood. 

or if you want to walk or jog but not outside and you have a treadmill, take a 20 minute walk or jog (or longer if you want).

photo (36)
My cute boys on a walk. 🙂

This is a Sunday activity I enjoy doing with my family.  We put our boys in the double stroller and this time a year we bundle them up.  It is still fun to get outside, even if it is on the cold side.


Another low intense, but indoors.

This is a dynamic Pilates stretching video.  This video is 6 and a half minutes.  This is a good video for all levels of fitness.  My muscles feel good, warm and stretched after completing this Dynamic Pilates Stretching session.  I wouldn’t mind going through it twice. 🙂


picture from itsahealthylifestyle.wordpress.com
picture from itsahealthylifestyle.wordpress.com

Happy Exercising


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Super Fruit Smoothie

Super Fruit Smoothie

Total Body Toning-- Full Body Circuit

Total Body Toning– Full Body Circuit


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