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2 Week Turkey Challenge of THIS or THAT– Day 2

2 Week Turkey  Challenge of THIS or THAT– Day 2

We are 2 days into this challenge now.  I hope you had fun with Day 1 of the challenge.  Zumba is fun and yoga is awesome, you couldn’t go wrong with whatever you picked, some even did them both! Great job!! It was fun hearing your comments from those who came back and commented, thank you! 🙂 Are you ready to see what Day 2 has in store for you?  Check it out..

2 Week Turkey Challenge of THIS or THAT

Pick one… (or both)


Day 7 of the 30 Day AB Challenge

If you participated in the last challenge you know what the 30 Day Ab Challenge is all about.  IF you haven’t heard of the 30 Day Ab Challenge, check it out.  Each day had its own post (like this challenge).  Reps increased while exercises were added along the way.  When a new exercise is added there is a picture to show you what the exercise is. Day 7 there wasn’t a new exercise added (we increased the plank hold on week marks). You will see it in this post when you read it. If you are unsure what an exercise is, don’t hesitate to ask.  🙂 This is a great challenge if you want to strengthen your core.  Give this Day 7 of the Ab Challenge a go.  There was also a bonus challenge on this day! Try it out 🙂


Don’t feel like burning your abs?  How about boosting your heart rate, working those legs, shoulders, and it looks like either you way you go today you will work those abs 🙂

If you “LIKE” Fit Mommy on Facebook, you may have seen this.

5 exercises

10 reps each

3 to 5 sets

1. Mt. Climbers

2. Wide Mt. Climbers

3. Knee Tucks

4. Wide Knee Tucks

5. Jack Knee Tucks

You got this!

The only equipment you need are a pair of rags or towels and a slippery floor (wood, tile or laminate).

Rag Workout Part 1


Give this Rag Workout a go!

Remember to have fun with this challenge and comment when you complete Day 2.  We want to hear from you!

Happy Exercising


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