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2 Week Turkey Challenge of THIS or THAT– Day 1

2 Week Turkey Challenge of THIS or THAT– Day 1

Today is the start of our Turkey Challenge of THIS or THAT.  I bet you have been wondering what in the world you are going to do for this challenge.  The point of this challenge is to help you do something active everyday for 2 weeks and to have fun with it.  Everyday there will be 2 active options to participate in.  You can check them both out and complete the one that you would rather do.  These are activities that you can do at home or around the neighborhood. They could be a link to an outside source or a description of what to do or something completely random. There will be a good mix of different physical activities that will be apart of the challenge. I hope that this challenge helps you try a new type of exercise or possibly help you find another physical activity that you enjoy and would pick up as a hobby.  The key is to get up and move 🙂 Have fun with it! After you complete each day post a comment about what you did and how it went or how you liked it.  It will be fun to hear from everyone and have a fun support group going on too 🙂

2 Week Turkey Challenge of THIS or THAT

Choose one to complete. (or both if you want)


Here are the links to 3 Zumba dances from You Tube

If you have never tried Zumba.. this would be a good time. You are in the comfort of your own home (which is nice if you are nervous and not use to dancing in front of other people or haven’t for awhile). Zumba is really fun.  I taught it for several years so this is my shout out to Zumba :). Give this a go and if you have kids they will love the music and to watch you dance and will join in 🙂

1. This first link is a little shaky at first but she does a good job to “Sexy and I know it” 🙂 (you are getting ready to dance aren’t you)


2. Fun Song that has been around for awhile “Toostie Roll” (did you start singing it?)


3. I wanted to share a more Latin dance song.  This guy does a good job to make it simple and has a lot of repeat steps so followers can catch on. This is a merengue dance. It’s fun 🙂



Zumba not your thing? That is just fine! Since the first option today was an upbeat cardio option, this one will be a bit lower key.

Here is a link to a 20 minute Yoga session to recharge and relax.  The instructor’s voice is really calming.  If you haven’t done yoga before, the breathing exercises at the beginning may seem odd, but stick with it.  When you do yoga, don’t do it when you are in a hurry :).  He takes you through some breathing exercises, the morning salutation and a few others and helps you relax to finish off. He made me feel as though I was in an actual yoga class. He explains what the poses are good for (like good for digestion and what not). I love doing yoga, especially before bed.  I also enjoy it first thing in the morning.  I feel recharged and ready to take on the day. Give this yoga session a shot.


Good Luck on completing Day 1 of the 2 Week Turkey Challenge!!

This first day may put you out of your comfort zone, great time to try something new. Or maybe you love both yoga and zumba, do both of them. 🙂 It won’t be yoga and zumba every day,  each day will be different 🙂

Remember to comment how Day 1 went for you!

Happy exercising


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14 thoughts on “2 Week Turkey Challenge of THIS or THAT– Day 1

  1. I had done my 45 minute brisk walk/cardio this morning, so I decided to try the yoga this evening. Whoa–that intermediate left me in the dust! I could do the breathing and stretches. Some of the poses got me giggling as I tried to keep up. What an insight into what a flexible and fit body is capable of–and what mine is NOT! Great relaxation at the end got me ready for bedtime! Next time, I think I will choose the Zumba!


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