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30 Day Ab Challenge– Day 5

30 Day Ab Challenge– Day 5

Day 5 here we come! We are a 1/6 of the way though! Great job for keeping consistent.  I am so happy to hear from those that are keeping up with the challenge! Great Job! It will be worth it.  Then, when the challenge is over you will be in the habit of doing some kind of exercise everyday.  So keep it up 🙂 Today is a beautiful Sunday.  It looks like it is going to be a nice October Sunday.  To add to the challenge, I challenge you to do go on a walk (or jog or run if you prefer).  I love taking Sunday walks with my family.  Sometimes we visit grandparents and walk with them.  My husband and I will be taking out our double stroller with our boys, our cute little dog, and I bet we end up at my parents and they love to walk too.  Perfect.  We have an awesome park that has a paved path around it that we like to walk to with them.  Where do you like to take walks? Not a big walker, then where have you been wanting to walk?  Be sure to come back and share where you take your walks and when you complete Day 5 of the challenge! I’m Excited to hear from you!

30 Day Ab Challenge

30 Day Ab Challenge– Day 5

24 Crunches

24 Bicycle Crunches

22 Flutter Kicks

14 Butterfly Sit-ups

24 Seated Russian Twists

30 Second Plank (elbow)

15 Second Side Plank (Right Side)

15 Second Side Plank (Left Side)

24 Heel Touches (12 each Side)

24 Swimmers

4 Star Crunches

Good Luck!

Remember to Comment when you finish the challenge! Help yourself by answering to someone that you are doing the challenge 🙂

Happy Ab Burning


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Here are picks of exercises

Video from foreveryoungforeverfit.com
Video from foreveryoungforeverfit.com
Swimmers Picture from pilates.com
Picture from pilates.com
Heel Touch Picture from Pinterest.com
Heel Touch
Picture from Pinterest.com

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5 thoughts on “30 Day Ab Challenge– Day 5

  1. I love walks! I try and always walk to class and I love walks to the duck pond! Today Brent said I look like I am drowning while I was trying to do swimmers and he kept making me laugh while doing abs hopefully that is double the work out! ha


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