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Fat Burning HIIT Workout– Fast Home Cardio Workout

Are you ready for this?? Are you looking for a FAST but EFFECTIVE workout?? That not only challenges and works those muscles but also keeps your heart rate UP?? Are you wanting to tone up or lose weight??

Then this is your kind of workout!  Do you have 8 minutes and up for the challenge?? All you need to do is click the video link and follow me!

With this workout there is one exercise that I would recommend a set of weights.  I use a set of 10lbs dumbbells.  You can use lighter or heavier, depends on you and what you have.  You could even grab 2 gallons of milk or  soup cans.  Whatever you have.  If you don’t have weights, its totally fine.  Still join in on the fun!

See you over there!

Video Link>>>>>>>>>> FAT BURNING HIIT WORKOUT  





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