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3 Tips To Help Keep Your Kids Engaged During Homework


Let’s face it, most of our kids DREAD homework hour. I never know what mood mine are going to be in when I say the feared phrase, “K guys, it’s time to work on homework…” Usually, my kids take off running in the opposite direction. They’ve been sitting at school all day. Of course they don’t want to sit and do homework.

You know that feeling when you’ve traveled long distance in the car sitting for such a long period of time and have had no where to stretch or move? When it’s finally time to get out of the car, your body feels so stiff that its hard to get moving from the car to even just the gas station. Just like we need walk around after sitting for so long, so do our kids. 

So, I make it fun by incorporating physical activity while they are doing homework. This will allow more oxygen to the brain and help stimulate the creative thinking process. It is statistically proven that elementary age children who have 3 recesses vs. 2 recesses perform better in the classroom and have higher test scores. You can get similar results during homework hour. Here are 3 ideas your kids can implement:

FIRST, SLIDE DOWN THE STAIRS ON A SLEEPING BAG OR PILLOW: Give your child small goals to reach when working on their homework. Once they reach their goal, they get rewarded with a break to move around. For example, if your child completes 5 math problems let them climb the stairs, or run up the stairs, or slide down the stairs with a pillow or sleeping bag. Then, start the cycle over again. Have her complete 5 more math problems and then let her get some energy out on the stairs. You can repeat the cycle until that dreaded math worksheet is finally completed!

SECOND, DO A SET OF JUMPING JACK TO GET THE BLOOD FLOWING: In our modern age, homework is not always with a pencil and paper. My kids have assigned reading apps, math games, etc., that they do on the computer or iPad. Even if it’s educational, sitting in front of electronics can be tricky especially when your kid gets in the ‘zone’ as I like to call it. Here’s an idea! If they are to read on the iPad for 30 minutes, set the timer for 15 minutes. When it goes off, have them do 20 jumping jacks and then they can finish the last 15 minutes refreshed, awake and alert!

THIRD, HAVE THEM GET THEIR OWN SNACKS: Every time, with out fail, my daughter is needing a drink or asking for something to eat while she’s working on her homework. Instead of grabbing a drink or a snack for them, have your child get up and moving to grab their glass of water or find a healthy snack to eat. Even if it’s just a trip to the pantry and the sink, at least they are getting up and moving. Anything helps!


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