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Workout Wednesday– Rag Workout part 1


Are you ready for today’s Workout Wednesday?

All you need is a pair of rags or towels and a slippery floor (wood, tile or laminate). That’s it!

5 exercises
10 reps each
3 to 5 sets

You can do it!!

1- Mt Climbers
2- Wide Mt Climbers
3- Knee Tucks
4- Wide Knee Tucks
5- Jack Knee Tucks

See video on Facebook.com/fitmommyrocks


4 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday– Rag Workout part 1

  1. I did the rag work out this morning. You make it look easy. It is harder than it looks! It is a pretty good work out. I only did 3 sets of 10, maybe I will work up to 5 sets of 10. Thanks!


    1. 🙂 im glad you did it! It is a tough one. It burns your thighs and abs.. And shoulders.. And chest.. 🙂 its a good one to really give your heart rate a boost. 🙂


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