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Total Body Toning– Full Body Circuit



For today’s workout I wanted to share a full body circuit. Some days I feel like just working my whole body instead of just certain areas. I am a big fan of circuits. Your Heart Rate (HR) is up higher for longer periods of time– its a mix of cardio and strength training– a win win for those trying to lose weight or tone up! Circuits are my favorite way to workout. If you have been to one of my classes you know

I am also throwing in tabadas, if this is a new exercise for you, you will love it! they way I do tabadas is a 30 second set. 20 seconds I am doing whatever exercise as many as I can, then I rest for the last 10 seconds of the set. For example if I was doing a squat tabada style I pump out as many squats as I can in 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds (or to make it a bit tougher I hold that low squat position for the resting 10 seconds.. great leg bum burner!) I usually do 8 rounds= 4 minutes..

Equipment needed:
– Mat (optional)
– Set of Dumbbells (DB)
– Timer

Total Body Toning Full Body Circuit

– 1 minute Jumping Jacks (warm up)
– calf raises x 30 (10 feet straight-10 toes in- 10 toes out) (warm up)
– squat w/ side kick x 20*
– Mt Climbers- x 50
Repeat 2-3 times

– Push ups- Tababa style- 30 second sets 2 rounds (1 minute)
– tri dips- Tababa style- 2 rounds (can dip off ground, stair or chair)
repeat 3-4 times

– Bent over Row w/DB Tabada style- 2 rounds
– Sumo Squat- tabada style- 2 rounds
Repeat 3-4 times

– Plank 1 minute
– Plank with hip twist x 30 (15 ea side)
– Plank with pike x 30 **
– side plank w/ pulse up X 20 ea side
– side plank (hold) w/ kick out x 15 ea side

Stretch and drink some water and find some PROTEIN. Try this Spinach Hummus Turkey Wrap, it is packed with protein and you can throw it together in minutes. Of looking for a high protein dinner to toss in the slow cooker? Try High Protein and Fiber Hearty Taco Soup 

As always, comment or message for any questions
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Happy Burning


*Squat with side Kick- do a regular body weight squat then while you are standing up you shift your weight to one foot while you are kicking to the side with another.

** Plank with pike- while holding a plank you stick you bum up to form a pike position- repeat


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