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Day 10 of the 30 Day Ab Challenge

Here we go Day 10.  First day in the double digits!! Are you keeping up and staying motivated?  We are getting to a point where is can be really easy to quit.  Stay committed! You can do it! There are others joining you to finish the 30 days! We are in this together! The weekends can be hard to stay with our fitness goals.

This weekend I have a lot of plans with family.  I am going to see my dad in a play and work on winterizing our yard (crazy! this year has flown by) With all the busy plans this weekend I will be sure to fit time for my ab challenge before I go, but if I run out of time I will do it before bed🙂 Just find the time to do it!  When you complete it write in the comment section that you did Day 10! Let’s see how many of us stayed committed!🙂  You can do it!



Day 10

31- Crunches

32- Bicycle Crunches

31- Reverse Crunches

32- Seated Russian Twists

32- Swimmers

40 Second Plank

10- Right Side Plank Pulses

25 Second Right Side Plank Hold

10- Left Side Plank Pulses

25 Second Left Side Plank Hold

20- Single Leg Stretch

14- Rag Mountain Climbers

12- Wide Rag Mountain Climbers

8- Leg Drop

Good Luck this weekend with the challenge.

Did you finish it?? Let us know.

See you tomorrow



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