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Awesome Sweaty Shoulder & Arm Workout


For today’s workout I wanted to share an arm and shoulders one.  Need a good reason to exercise?? I have plenty for you, check out this post of 50 Reasons to exercise here.  

As a female, we naturally tend to have a weaker upper body than men. It is so easy for us to skip working a weak area of our body and work an area that seems more of a problem area, for me I like to work my legs and gluts So if you are like me in lacking to work upper body.. I challenge you do take this workout.. doesn’t take long at all.. Grab a pair of dumbbells (DB) and do it.

Shoulder press w/ DB 12-15 reps
50 Mt. Climbers (Heart Rate- HR- boost)
Shoulder Push ups- 20
High Knees 1 minute (HR Boost)
Repeat 2- 3 times
Side Lateral raises w/DB- 12-15 reps
Jumping Jacks 1 minute
Upright Row w/DB- 12- 15 reps
Flick Flacks x50 *
Repeat 2-3 times
21’s w/ DB- 21 reps **
speed skate 1 minute (HR Boost)
Tri Dip 12-15 reps (can do on ground or off a chair or stair)
jump ropes (or toe pops) 1 minute
Repeat 2- 3 times

give it a try, If you are unsure what an exercise is comment or message me

here is some inspirational Quote I really like before you start  “Of Course it’s Hard. It’s Suppose to be hard. If it were easy than everyone would do it. Hard is what makes it great.”

happy burning!!
Need a quick post workout meal?  Check out this yummy High Protein and Fiber Spinach hummus turkey wrap and it is under 500 Calories!!    

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*flick flack is in push up position- keeping your hands on the ground while you hop your feet side to side

** 21’s are a bicep series. Standing or on your knees, start with arm bent holding DB at 90 degrees and do 7 reps up (the top half of a bicep curl) then 7 reps from your arm straightened down to 90 degrees (the bottom of a bicep curl) then 7 reps of a full range bicep curl.


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