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Day 29 of the 30 Day Ab Challenge


Tomorrow is our final day of the 30 Day Ab Challenge.  Awesome Job! You are at the very end! That is great! I bet you feel great that you made it through the challenge!!  To go along with today’s challenge, I challenge you to eat a good breakfast. If you don’t usually eat breakfast, eat something.  Get your metabolism going.  If you eat breakfast, but it is a doughnut and hot chocolate, try eating something a little bit healthier.  Maybe you could try to scramble some eggs with some wheat toast,  make a smoothie (try this one or this one), make a fruit parfait. I really like breakfast burritos, try this one.  Just eat something and make it healthy.  Don’t wait until your energy drops and you really need to eat something.  If you are completing this challenge in the evening, then eat your good breakfast in the morning.  Good luck with day 29!



Day 29

40- Crunches

40- Bicycle Crunches

40- Reverse Crunches

40- Seated Russian Twists

40- Swimmers

70 Second Plank

26- Right Side Plank Pulses

55 Second Right Side Plank Hold

26- Left Side Plank Pulses

55 Second Left Side Plank Hold

40- Single Leg Stretch

40- Rag Mountain Climbers

40- Wide Rag Mountain Climbers

40- Leg Drop

36- Alternating Leg Lift

36- Dead Bug

34- Rag Legs Together

30- Wide Rag Legs Together

26 – Twisted Crunch

22– Superman Lift

18-Toe Reach

16- Standing Side Ab Crunch

14-Standing Cross Over Abs

12- In Outs

12- Seconds- V Hold

Way to keep going!!



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