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Day 25 of the 30 Day Ab Challenge

Wow only 5 days left!! Here we go Day 25! There are a lot of reps!! It is getting really tough to get through in one go.  If it’s too much you can always split it up.  You could do half in the morning and half in the evening or split it up another way.  Just find the way that is best for you! 25 days in a row of taking on this challenge. I hope you are proud of yourself and your core should feel stronger! I have talked to some of you after the last Ab challenge. To maintain the progress they made they picked one of these last days of the ab challenge and would do that a few times a week.  That is a great way to keep the momentum going.  Keep it up and finish strong!


Day 25

40- Crunches

40- Bicycle Crunches

40- Reverse Crunches

40- Seated Russian Twists

40- Swimmers

60 Second Plank

23- Right Side Plank Pulses

45 Second Right Side Plank Hold

23- Left Side Plank Pulses

45 Second Left Side Plank Hold

40- Single Leg Stretch

40- Rag Mountain Climbers

38- Wide Rag Mountain Climbers

34- Leg Drop

30- Alternating Leg Lift

30- Dead Bug

28- Rag Legs Together

24- Wide Rag Legs Together

20 – Twisted Crunch

16– Superman Lift

12-Toe Reach

10- Standing Side Ab Crunch

8-Standing Cross Over Abs

6- In Outs


Good Luck with Day 25

See you tomorrow


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