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Workout Wednesday– Rag Workout Part 2

Workout Wednesday

Rag Workout Part 2

Workout Wednesday

For Workout Wednesday today I want to share my Rag Workout Part 2.

Check out Rag Workout Part 1 if you missed it.

For this workout all you need is a pair of rags or towels and a slippery floor (wood, tile or laminate)

5 Exercises in a Reverse Plank

10 reps each

3-5 rounds

1. Alternating Hamstring Sliders

2. Wide Alternating Hamstring Sliders

3. Sliding Bridge

4. Wide Hamstring Bridge

5. Jack Sliding Bridge

This workout targets your bum, hamstrings, core, quads, triceps, shoulders, calves… while keeping your heart rate up!

Great workout that doesn’t take much time!

Want to see how it is done??

See Video here

Happy Burning


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