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Fit Mommy Cardio + Abs Workout

You have got to check out this Fit Mommy Cardio plus Abs workout!! Take 20 minutes and get your heart rate up with some fun cardio with me then finish up your workout with burning your core! No equipment needed to get this awesome burn! Grab your water and a sweat towel click the video… Continue reading Fit Mommy Cardio + Abs Workout

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Get Sexy Shoulders, Hips and Thighs with this Awesome Combo Move!!

Hey guys! Another Wonderful Workout Wednesday is here!! I love sharing new workouts with you guys and I love hearing your feedback and comments!! Keep it on coming!! You are awesome!! Also, if you keep waiting for a certain type of workout or a workout for a certain area feel free to let me know!!… Continue reading Get Sexy Shoulders, Hips and Thighs with this Awesome Combo Move!!

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FREE 4 Week Summer Bod Challenge

It is that time of year!! I LOVE SUMMER!!! I love swim suit season and shorts and tank tops!! This is also a time of year people are wanted a quick easy guide to get their bodies more “summer ready”.  I created this awesome 4 Week Challenge just for you guys and best of all… Continue reading FREE 4 Week Summer Bod Challenge

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Glute Lift Workout with a Resistance Band

If you have been following the Fit Mommy workouts then you already know one of my favorite pieces of “cheap” equipment is a resistance loop band.  AND If you know me at all you know I love working the lower body, especially the glutes.  So this workout is a combo of some of my favorite… Continue reading Glute Lift Workout with a Resistance Band

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Low Impact Lower Body Workout

Let’s talk knees.  More than 1/3 of Americans are affected with knee pain (osteopathic.org).  Are you one that your knees can give you a hard time and hurt when you workout?  Do you need a workout that works the thighs and  tush WITHOUT hurting your knees?? Then this workout is for you!  This Low Impact… Continue reading Low Impact Lower Body Workout