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Green Smoothie– My Favorite Green Smoothie

Have you tried a green smoothie? If you are one that has not, you definitely need to give this smoothie a try. If you have tried a green smoothie then you know how awesome they are. This green smoothie tastes delicious.   It is super easy to make and SO yummy! No wonder this is… Continue reading Green Smoothie– My Favorite Green Smoothie


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Beginner Ab Workout– 5 Moves

Looking for a beginner ab workout?? This is the perfect beginner ab workout. Don’t let the “beginner” part fool you. This ab workout will burn your core and work those abs. No equipment needed for this workout. Just follow along with me as I guides you through the beginner ab workout. Video Link >>>> Beginner… Continue reading Beginner Ab Workout– 5 Moves

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FRESH Garden Tomato Pasta Sauce– Made in the Slow Cooker

‘Tis the season for a ton of tomatoes!! I love this season, when gardens are producing like crazy.  I sadly didn’t get to plant much of a garden this year. BUT next season my husband is going to build some raised garden beds which I am excited for.  Anyways, I had a couple neighbors share… Continue reading FRESH Garden Tomato Pasta Sauce– Made in the Slow Cooker

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Fat Blaster Full Body HIIT Workout– Check out exciting news inside!!

Are you ready to blast some fat?? This Fat Blasting full body HIIT workout will do it!  If you have been following the Fit Mommy workouts, then you know HIIT workouts are one of my favorite ways to workout.  They are intense, quick, heart rate booting, calorie burning, muscle challenging and very effective! Give this… Continue reading Fat Blaster Full Body HIIT Workout– Check out exciting news inside!!

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Fit Mommy Barre Workout

Have you ever tried a barre class?  These are the BEST moves to to get those inner thighs, outer thighs, hamstrings,  and deep in that booty.  This is a perfect workout to tone those thighs and tighten and lift that booty.  This Fit Mommy Barre Workout is an awesome workout to really works those tricky… Continue reading Fit Mommy Barre Workout

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Muffintop Shredder Workout

Want to get rid of that “muffintop”? You have got to try this Muffintop Shredder Workout. Work those sides, lower back and sculpt a sleek hourglass shape. No equipment needed for this workout. Grab a mat or a pillow and follow along with me and I will take you through this muffintop workout. Be sure… Continue reading Muffintop Shredder Workout

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Bodyweight Cardio Workout– HIIT Workout

Finally!! Another intense HIIT cardio workout!! I know this has been quite the request so I am happy to say it is here!! This is a 24 minute pretty intense workout! If your goal is to lose some weight and tone up, this is what you should be doing for a workout! If you are… Continue reading Bodyweight Cardio Workout– HIIT Workout

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5 Minute Flat Abs Workout– 5 Moves

That is right!! Another 5 move workout!! Do you love to work those abs?? Then this workout is for you! Are you one that is short on time?? Then I have got you covered!! Wake up an extra 5 minutes and burn those abs before you get ready for the day! OR take 5 minutes… Continue reading 5 Minute Flat Abs Workout– 5 Moves

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Sexy Sculpted Shoulders Workout

I have one question for you… Do you want to have sexy sculpted shoulders?? Then you have got to check out this workout. This full shoulder workout only targets and burn out those shoulders! Don’t let these 8 minutes fool you and think it will be easy! Push through and get motivated with me!!  We… Continue reading Sexy Sculpted Shoulders Workout