FIT MOMMY Exercise Class

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Fit Mommy Group Fitness class is a class designed as an awesome exercise support group for women of all ages.  The great thing bout this class is that STOLLERS ARE WELCOME.  Many women bring their stroller to class while the mommy gets a chance to focus on herself during a fitness class.  Kids are engaged in the action happening around them (but bringing a snack and drink doesn’t hurt)  In this class, you will find a good mix of different types of exercise from Pilates, plyos, yoga, tabadas and circuits, all which will really work the total body, but a good emphasis on women’s typical trouble areas (between the hips and knees).

If you live in Northern Utah come join our awesome class and make some new friends.

Class is every Thursday Morning from 9:30- 10;30 AM and Monday Mornings at 10- 11 AM

**Last class for season is October 30th. Classes will resume in the spring. That date will be announced at a later date.

for more information contact us 


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