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Here on FIT MOMMY you will find a variety of sources to help assist you and your family on being the Fit Healthy Happy You!  You will find healthy recipes, workouts, ideas for healthy kids, informative health and fitness information, and tips for helping your family be fit and healthy with a busy schedule.  Grab a yummy healthy snack and stay awhile. 🙂  Be sure to follow the blog so you don’t miss a post.  Also follow on Facebook @ facebook.com/beafitmommy and Instagram @Fitmommyrocks and Twitter @Fit_Mommy_Rocks


As a mom of 2 busy boys and a baby girl, I know it can be a challenge squeezing fitness into your schedule. This is a place of support to those who want to make a healthy lifestyle a priority for you and your family.

Hi! My Name is Amanda.  I have been a fitness trainer for 8 years and I absolutely love it. I have a B.S in Human Performance Management with an emphasis in Wellness and minor in Nutrition. I have loved helping people make and reach their fitness goals and helping them find a love for an active lifestyle. I have really come to love working with women. Having 3 kids of my own, I understand all the changes our bodies go through with bringing children into the world and how hard it can be to fit time for yourself into a hectic schedule with kids. This is why I want to focus on this page to help bring support to you by providing exercise workouts, healthy recipes, fun healthy food and activities for kids.

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Plank Series Part 1

Plank Series Part 1


 Take On the 30 Day Ab Challenge

Challenge Your Friends to Join You! 30 Day Ab Challenge

Kids in the Kitchen– Tips on how to let Kids Help You in the Kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen

Reduced Fat Ham & Cheese Muffins

Reduced Fat Ham & Cheese Muffins

Spinach Hummus Turkey Wrap– Under 500 Calories


20 Ways to BURN ENERGY in ACTIVE Young Kids

Image-1 (14)

Total Body Toning– Full Body Circuit

Image-1 (4)

High Protein & Fiber– Hearty Taco Soup w/ Turkey

Image-1 (2)

Fruit and Veggie Finger Foods for Toddlers


Tone Your Tush Workout

TONE Your TUSH Workout

Fresh Garden Tomato Pasta Sauce– Made in the Slow Cooker

FRESH Garden Tomato Pasta Sauce-- Made in Slow Cooker


6 thoughts on “About FIT MOMMY

  1. This is awesome! So many fun and helpful tips. Your workouts are fun, and they kick butt! I love the idea of bringing your kids along to the workout.


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