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You put WHAT in your water? 💦

We all know drinking water is important. We know we need it to stay hydrated and healthy.  But why can it be so hard to drink enough of it?? And how much are we really suppose to be drinking???

The USDA recommends adult women need at least 2.7 liters of water each day. Women need at least 3 liters of water during pregnancy and 3.8 liters daily for lactation.  1 liter = 4.23 cups = 33.81 fl oz

Dang that’s a lot of water!

Remember our only source of water is not just to drink to drink it. We get it in our foods and other drinks. For example,  each serving of fruit is about a half cup of water.

I am one that really struggles to drink enough water. I am still trying to figure out why 🤔. I have found a few tips that help me drink more water that I want to share in hopes to help encourage you to drink more water too. 👍🏼

Tip #1

Find a “cute” water bottle that you like and are excited to use.  My favorite color is green so I bought myself a fun green water bottle that I use ALL THE TIME!! ( as you can seen in the pictures below)

Tip #2

When you are at home, keep a cup on the counter and when you see it fill it up and drink it all right then.  (this one helps me out a lot!)

Tip #3

Always drink a glass of water BEFORE a meal.  Besides helping you get your water intake in, it will help you to not over eat at meal time.

Tip #4

Try fruit infused water.  I love coming up with new combos of fruit to put in my water.  Lemons are always good.  If you put lemons in your water you should definitely try others!! I add my fruit to my water bottle in the morning and keep refilling it all day.

Cucumber in water is amazing!  My husband thought I was so weird for putting cucumbers in my water, but I finally got him to taste it and he was surprised how tasty it is! (This is my “cute” green water bottle that I love and take EVERYWHERE with me)

Strawberries and Lemons.  I am in heaven when I have this in my water!! I think I drink extra when I use strawberries and lemons.

Strawberries and kiwi.  This one was good too! (throw in some mint leaves here if you like)

image from


Lime and mint leaves are yummy, and you could add cucumber or strawberries to it too.

image from fit with denise


Apples alone or apples with a cinnamon stick.

image from


Raspberries and lemons


image from eat drink love


Oranges or oranges and pineapple– how refreshing!

image from the wellness soilder


Seriously, possibilities are endless.

What do you put in your water??  

Water bottle bottoms up!

‘Til next time,


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